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Supply an innovative, quality and price effective solution in construction systems.


Be a recognized company by its value added to the installer and characterized by personal advice, fast service and warranty products.


· Quality
· innovation
· Enviromently commited
· Supply chain promoter

Who is GURU USA?

Guru is a consolidated company in the construction sector with a long history in Europe and with a presence in more than 22 countries worldwide.

Our influence from the ceramic production made us venture into the world of waterproofing and bathroom systems, updating and launching new lines year after year since 2001 and innovating in our products.

This concern for the world of waterproofing and bathroom systems led us to improve our products until the creation of the latest trends in waterproofing sheets for bathrooms & decoupling sheets.

GURU USA LLC sets a new standard in shower waterproofing on the North American market by launching a new easy-to-install and safe solution as the EVOLUX KIT or the SUPERKIT which meets American Standards providing improvements over previous products. 

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We are the very producers of most of our products guided by our wins and failures from years and years of practice. This philosophy let us supply products with higher quality at price effectiveness.

Our quality department ensures none scratches or damages can be in our products by doing a day by day inspection They can easily locate productions and mitigate scaled defects.

Our production is based in Spain and other countries in EU as Italy or Portugal to allow us provide and effective and fast presence in our operating countries. With an idea to start production in the US before the end of 2023.

All of our products have a LIFE WARRANTY expectancy when installed according to our installation instructions. We also take care of providing all the information and training necessary to ensure the correct installation of our products and 100% benefits are obtained from them.