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Waterproofing issues

Common Waterproofing Issues & Solutions

Today we’ll discuss the importance of waterproofing, common waterproofing problems and solutions. If you ask a construction professional about the importance of waterproofing, you’ll discover this is one of their major problems. Small mistakes can create big common Waterproofing Issues that affect the whole site.

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Common Waterproofing Problems

Firstly, we can start saying much complication comes from the ‘water immune’ versus ‘water resistant’ discussion. The most convenient way to take a look at it is that a water-resistant item or material will have the ability to withstand small spilling, whereas a water-proof item or material will act like a plastic bag that won’t enable water to weaken it. People mistaking both concepts result in an improper choice of substratum and waterproofing products, which can be destructive to the total waterproofing installation.

Where shower waterproofing issues comes from

In the old times, we made use of a great deal of chipboard as the floor covering product in the substratum in wood mounted constructions. While there are some water immune chipboards around, when this particular material splashes, it can create several problems. Once it starts to inflate and the integrity of that board breaks down, it can lead to recurring issues as it produces additional damages to the building structure… 

An additional problem surrounds a lack of understanding in exactly how water gets in structure and also just how this needs to be handled. You see these cases regularly and also funnily enough in high construction, if you ask any of the builders, they’ll inform you that waterproofing bathrooms is among their major problems. It just takes one tiny little thing to send out the whole installment right into disarray.

Shower waterproofing mistakes and consequences

According to modern-day patterns, hobless showers can likewise provide troubles when waterproofing. One constant wall surface –specifically if there is no full shower display– implies that the water itself can escape the enclosure much easier. Connection describing in between a bathroom and the surrounding tiles in between the wall and flooring is also essential.

We see that in showers where the base and the wall have a failure, or the wall-to-wall detailing has a failing. It is likewise usual on terraces where they connect to the structures via the door limit or via the home window which stops working. We see failure between sheet joints on floorings since they are not properly sustained. These are the main trouble areas. A timeless instance of waterproofing job brought into jeopardy is when doorstops are fixed to the bathroom floor to prevent the deal with damaging the floor tile in full height tiled bathrooms. The issue takes place when a person screws the doorstop via the floor and also straight via the waterproofing membrane layer. You can get door stops that are fixed to the ceramic tile as well as not the flooring so that’s an easy thing to prevent.

Waterproofing issues

Best practice to waterproofing

Since there are lots of waterproofing solutions offered, it is important to think about the compatibility of your selected waterproofing system with the surrounding materials, consisting of the substratum and also surfaces.

When it comes to waterproofing solutions, lots of people think they can save money with this step. But this is a mistake… Waterproofing issues can be very serious and have important consequences. Then, investing a bit more to get a good and trusted bathroom or shower waterproofing system is always a better idea. You’ll save much more than an incorrect waterproofing solution where you’ll have to spend money in correction to take care of defects down the track.

Let’s see the options to avoid waterproofing problems!

- Water-Stop waterproofing membrane by GURU

Our waterproofing membrane Water-Stop is perfect for ensuring complete waterproofing of showers and bathrooms. This type of EVAC sheeting ensures complete water tightness and water protection.

- W-S Board

These panels can be used for both building and waterproofing, as they are extruded polystyrene building panels with the waterproof water-stop sheet attached to them. With this type of panels, you can build new spaces in your bathrooms or make a waterproofing over the previous structure without removing it. 

- Heavy duty shower tray

These shower trays achieve a guaranteed waterproofing together with unequaled characteristics. They can be installed in both Preslope Shower Kits and Mudbed Shower installations. According to Winni Designs, this is the strongest and easiest to install a shower tray on the market.

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