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Waterproofing Membranes

Standardly we offer a 10-year warranty, but if the product is installed in correct conditions (following the installation instructions) has a lifetime durability, offering a big improvement over other waterproofing materials such as pan liners or paints.

In the US, by regulation, we are allowed to install only in the interior areas as the main waterproofing. Nonetheless we do exterior applications with it in other countries where the installation requirements allow us. Just to imagine the strength of our products we do waterproof in terraces, balconies, flat roofs and even Olympic swimming pools! We can do exterior applications in the US as a crack isolation system.

We recommend to bond the membrane to the surface with standard thin set which meets ANSI A118.4, ANSI A118.11, or ANSI A118.15 standards. Thanks to our unique fiber composition our membrane adheres to any thinset brand in the market

Our standard is a 10 years, but the duration of these in good conditions is for life. In some events we may offer a lifetime warranty.

All our products have high quality and efficiency certificates at European level since all of our products are produced there. In the US we are partners of TCNA. And products are IAPMO cUPC listed.

Our membrane can be found mainly in Florida, where we are based, Texas, California and the mid-west area. But we are more than happy to attend your need no matter where you are. Just email us at help@guru-usa.com You can also find us online through Contractors Direct or other customer websites.


Shower Systems

Yes, all of our shower systems kits have a big WATER-STOP section size. The size depends on the product you are installing, but most often they have 43 sqft. inside. It is more than enough to cover a standard shower pan and at least the required 3” up at wall. We do recommend to waterproof always the wall from the floor to the top or ceiling.

Our EVOLUX drain systems contain: drain strainer cover (square or linear), hair trap strainer basket, drain body, WATER-STOP membrane piece, interior and exterior corners, mixing valve seal, clamping ring to connect the membrane to the drain body, a flanged drain base with 2” hub and no-hub 3” pipe connection. If you require more information, you can visit the EVOLUX product site in the main menu.

Besides the European refined aesthetics look, which is essential in all our designs, its best improvement resides in the waterproof efficiency and cost and time savings in the installation.

It is the best solution, by different point. We have lowest height drains in the world. Every inch matter to avoid a curb. And the fact that our drain can be installed close to the wall makes it ideal. In large showers we recommend to install the drain in the middle of the shower to distribute the slopes.

The EVO drain recepetor body is made of ABS and the EVOLUX system drain assembly is made of stainless steel.

It is a simple difference which gives the EVOLITE a price cost improves, but the EVOLUX allows us to do beautiful drain styles which are at the same time stronger. A great way to understand the Evolux advantage is basically with a wheelchair. It should not be used in ADA installations, where it will suffer extra weight concentration.