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Tile membranes

Do you want to know our Tile membranes for waterproofing and uncoupling?

Tile underlayment membranes are a great solution to cover all the waterproofing and decoupling problems that may arise in homes, showers, bathrooms, terraces, non-passable roofs… their flexibility allows them to be installed very easily. In addition, neither personnel nor specialized machinery is needed for its installation.


Uncoupling & Decoupling Membrane G-Flex

Waterproofing membrane WATER-STOP

Tile Underlayment Membranes

Make sure your floors can hold water with a reputable tile membrane coating. This tile underlayment membrane can be installed under new tiles or on top of old flooring to prevent water and moisture from seeping in. The tile membrane prevents moisture from deteriorating the joints or adhesives of the floor tiles, making the tiles remain stable and in excellent condition for many more years. That tile membranes can also prevent mold and mildew from spreading inside on the floor or walls. The underlayment tile membranes of Guru USA can be found in rolls of different sizes, thus achieving the best possible fit for any type of surface.

In addition, our membranes have all the necessary accessories to guarantee 100% unions with critical points (corners, drains, stairs, joints…)

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