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WATER-STOP is a flexible and waterproof geotextile membrane that has very good adhesion to surfaces and very low thickness thanks to an innovative multilayer extrusion process.

This shower waterproofing membrane creates an innovative concept in waterproofing, it can be installed under floors and on walls thanks to its fibrous layers embedded in the interior plastic waterproofing membrane.

It should also be noted that this is the most profitable waterproofing solution when talking tile installation improvement. Thanks to its unique production way WATER-STOP achieves great crack isolation results and therefore is approved to residential installation and light comercial such as cafeterias or offices, for higher crack isolation we produce Gflex.

The best uses of our waterproof membrane Water-Stop are: Waterproofing bathrooms, waterproofing showers, waterproofing shower walls… in short, it is perfect for waterproofing any part of the bathroom.

The main use of our shower waterproofing sheet Water-Stop is the waterproofing of shower walls and waterproofing shower trays.

We also want to highlight that the Water-Stop waterproofing membrane allows us to waterproof above the tile and below. Thanks to the no need of mortar bed the installation has a very light weight, and very low height compared to other waterproofing methods. This characteristics allows it to be installed on top of a existing tile, eliminating the cost to tear out the and re level the surface. Thanks to this, time is also saved in the installation.




The Water-Stop is a perfect waterproofing sheet for waterproofing shower walls. We are the first in the world to introduce the 7’ wide rolls since 2007 and thanks to our unique coextrusion we achieve the highest pullout results.

On the capillarity side we achieve also a remarkable low water climb by our fleece composition. Being the only in the market to blend different plastics with a secret formula in our effort to improve.


Waterproofing in the shower can be taken to another level thanks to the combination of our WATER-STOP waterproofing membrane and our marine grade stainless steel shower drain solutions. The system has been deeply tought to improve the exisiting methods by adding the newer waterproofing techonlogies without renouncing to clamping ring drains. It is a high advantage obtained in design, efficiency and savings in time and costs for installers and owners.

Evolux linear drain


Most recently we started to produce our SUPERKIT and QUICKTRAY lines. It is basically our WATER-STOP waterproofing membrane adhered to a sloped foam material. We believe there is a good time saving by having a bigger waterproofing membrane than the base, reducing this way the need of banding.


  • WATER-STOP is the thinness and lightest without renouncing to its safety.
  • Pliable – you can feel it when you first see it, such a corner leap solution.
  • The thin set adhesion on the fleece sides makes no need for compression layers such as mortar beds.
  • Tile can be installed right after WATER-STOP has been glued to the surface, saving time and letting the installer work more efficiently.
  • Double wide rolls for safer and faster installations.

Water-Stop Presentation Formats

  • Water-Stop roll sizes:
  • 3’ 3″  x  16′ 5″ = 54 sqft ROLL
  • 3′ 3″  x  98′ 5″ = 323 sqft ROLL
  • 6′ 7″  x  65′ 7″ = 430 sqft ROLL

It can be also installer as a crack isolation on residential installation and light commercial jobs where it can leap up to 1/8”.

The flexibility of the waterproofing membrane and its bond to the fibers allow each component to have small individual movements, such as expansion and contraction.

Basically what our fleeces do when glued with cement is to stretch as a shoe tie, the more tension you add the more they elongate.



We subject our shower waterproofing membrane to exhaustive studies and tests to ensure its effectiveness. We are so sure of its waterproofing function that we offer a lifetime warranty while it is installed following our recommendations.

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