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G-FLEX is an uncoupling membrane made by creating a free air nodules shape right after our extrusion module. It has a homogenous plastic layer and one fleece layer beneath. Its nodules has been crafted to reduce the use of thin-set. The result of installing it under floor coverings, ceramic tiles and natural stone is a great improvement to the installation life both indoors and outdoors.

It can be used as a bathroom waterproofing membrane too, when installed according to the waterproofing method. It is so because of its plastic layer.

This uncoupling membrane stands out for the efficiency obtained when it is installed on risk of cracking substrates with a possibility of movements or with vapor stresses due to residual humidity.

G-FLEX membrane waterproofs all possible surfaces regardless of whether it is old or new, humid or dry, and regardless of whether it is cracked in plain or may be subject to dimensional movements.
This happens thanks to the compensation produced by the uncoupling sheet for hygrometric contraction and thermal expansion.

It should be noted that it does not have any problem with the joining of the joints, since it is not entirely necessary to respect the joints that occur in the supports when we carry out large installations.

uncoupling emmbrane Crack bridging

1. Crack bridging

Tested by IAPMO, it is qualified a heavy duty installation such as airports or shopping malls. Its nodules allow deformations in any direction, cushioning the tension created by possible moves or deflection.

tile uncoupling membraneSteam and humidity barrier

2. Steam and humidity barrier

The way in which the nodules are distributed allows the steam pressure to dissipate, creating a network for the steam itself to circulate and dissipate.

uncoupling membrane G-Flex Guru USA

3. Uncoupling

The distribution of the nodule on a circle and square basis creates a great capacity to improve causes the G-Flex to be resistant to movements or vibrations caused by contractions, movements of the lower support …

membrane underfloor heating.

4. Perfect to heat distribution

The same network of pipes that helps to distribute the vapors is also an ideal solution for the proper distribution and distribution of heat in installations with underfloor heating.

G-flex membrane Charged weight distribution

5. Charged weight distribution

The gaps in the nodules of the G-flex membrane are filled with glue cement to form pillars that stiffen and support the loads, transmitting them to the firm support distributed in a great variety of points. This effect is perfect for use in ceramic tile or natural stone installations on top of G-Flex itself.

waterproofing uncoupling membrane

6. Waterproofing

The G-Flex also obtains the condition of waterproof thanks to the polyethylene sheet that composes it. To carry out a 100% safe waterproofing, the joints between sheets and the deliveries with the floor and the wall must be sealed with the WATER-STOP W-S BAND glued with C2 glue cement.

uncouplin membrane G-flex

Our tile uncoupling membrane has a scratchy texture to improve its thin-set adhesion, but we don’t achieve the best pullout result with our texture, but with our V shaped nodules.

On the back of the nodule layer we bonded a fiber layer which creates a great adhesion to the surface.

Do you know the properties of this uncoupling membrane for tiles?

 ✔ Heavy duty uncoupling results

 ✔ Can be used as a waterproofing solution

 ✔Vapor pressure compensation

 ✔ Load distribution 

 ✔ Best pullout results in the market


The uncopling membrane G-Flex is very useful for dealing with seepage and damp with negative pressure on the inside face of walls and floors in contact with the gorund

The effect of moisture penetrating the wall from the outside is double: outside the appearance of salts on the wall and inside the detachment of plaint and plaster. Other and the less visible effect is the loss of constructive and insulating properties of the walls, the danger of molds growth on the wall, and the unpleasant smell of a damp basement.

The free-space of the underside of the matting G-Flex and the floor or the wall provides a route for excess of moisture and vapor from the building and dissipate into the air while insulating the interior from water coming from the surrounding ground. This is a fast and effective way that moisture remains “on the other side of the wall”.

If the event of excessive moisture and if there are free water, apart from insulating with the membrane, suitable elements must be incorporated for its drainage and elimination: channeling water to be discharged into a drain, a lifting pump if necessary, etc.

G-Flex uncoupling tile membrane

ILU5100   G-Flex 14 Roll 3’ 3’’ x 45’ 9’’ = 150 ft² (1 m x 14 m = 14 m²) 

uncoupling membrane G-Flex Guru USA

ILU5200   G-Flex 30 Roll 3’ 3’’ x 98’ 5” = 323 ft² (1 m x 30 m = 30 m²) 

-Flex 30 Roll 3’ 3’’ x 98’ 5” = 323 ft²