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Our Partners

Our partners are our priority!

In GURU USA we think that our partners are the standard bearers of our brand, being our philosophy to work together in everything that is needed and to accompany them during all the processes of the sale.

If you decide to join the GURU USA partner network you can enjoy online and in-person training, personalized technical support, promotional material, visibility and exclusivity by areas, exclusive discounts and much more.

Welcome to the waterproofing revolution… Welcome to the new generation of shower systems!

What We Are Expert At

Why choose Guru USA


Our technical department offers all the necessary help for the correct installation of our products.


Quality is always one of our main values to apply in each of our products. Operation under correct installation conditions is 100% guaranteed.


We guarantee the exclusive sale of our products for the operational areas of each of our partners.

Technical specifications

All our products are manufactured and tested following legal standards. Their technical information is public.


We offer facilities for the training of all those partners to help the effectiveness of always be the maximum.

Lifetime Warranty

The warranty of all our products is guaranteed for life as long as it is installed correctly and following our instructions.

Instalers & Contractors

We provide installers with all the necessary material to make installation as easy as possible. They are the ones who must understand the product and the benefits that are obtained with an installation in good condition.

We offer training and assistance to all those who need it, following the philosophy that the best advertising is the perfect performance of our products.

Dealers & Distributors

Our business model is based on supplying our products to distributors for their subsequent sale to the public. We ensure non-competition agreements, always respecting the benefit of our partners and their growth within our sector.

We also ensure basic training to improve the subsequent sale to the public and ensure the perfect operation of our products.