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Shower Drains & Strainers

Discover oir wide range of square and linear shower drains. Our shower drains always follow the same concepts: Safety, efficiency and design. You will be able to find the ideal bathroom drain for your shower thanks to the wide variety of different designs that we offer you. Guru USA shower systems include all the essential elements to ensure complete waterproofing in the bathroom.

Colored shower drains are a trend in bathroom design. They offer a wide open canvas to decorate with tile and stone, and the innovative style appeals to homeowners and buyers alike. Among our catalog of shower drains you can find drains in gold, black, white tempered glass, silver… Another of the offers in shower drains that we offer at Guru USA are the grates integrated with the bathroom floor itself and the grates with personalized designs, providing a unique touch to the bathroom.

We also have to point out that all our shower drains are made of stainless steel and contain an easy-to-clean system.

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Types of Shower Drains & Strainers by Guru

Shower drains advantages

Do you want to know the advantages that our shower drains can bring to your bathrooms and showers?


  • Linear systems with gutters offer us the possibility of creating built-in showers with flooring formats that are different from the traditional ones. (On two slopes of water)
  • Total installation height at drain cover level using the installation template: 1 – 1/2” with 5 mm tile thickness.
  • They are installed against the wall using the side profile accessory,
  • Manufactured with AISIN 316 stainless steel and with a wide range of grating designs


  • Square and rectangular grids for punctual drainage with 3 or 4 waters.
  •  With hardly any joints and making the most of the space to obtain a better eavcuation.
  • Total installation height at drain cover level: 1 – 3/8” to 1 – 5/8” with 10 mm tile thickness.
  • Made of AISI 316 stainless steel and with a wide range of different grid designs.

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