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Linear Shower Drain EVOLUX

Find the ideal linear shower drain and start giving your bathroom the special design you are looking for.

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Linear Shower Drains Evolux

Evolux linear shower drains are the perfect waterproofing and drainage solution for your bathroom. Its incredible design makes a perfect team with the efficiency of the system itself.

One of the main characteristics of our linear shower drain is the saving in installation time and cost and the possibility of achieving the minimum possible height.

Our evolx linear channels also stand out for being totally manufactured with stainless steel, having the option of showing the final finish in a wide range of options to choose the one that best suits the design of your bathroom.

The long shower drain, one of the best choices

The long showers drains Evolux are a great choice for waterproofing shower trays. One of the main advantages of these are the installations with a minimum height and the built-in evacuation. Our long shower drains stand out for their quick installation, easy cleaning and the option to choose between the different evolx designs to match the design of your bathroom.

evolux systemlong drain
shower long drain integrated

Linear shower drain " design bathroom"

Design is one of the main values of our linear shower drains. The installation of this type of drainage allows the construction of showers with two slopes, opening an infinity of possibilities for the design and construction of your bathroom. For a unique design trust on GURU USA!

What are you hoping to create the bathroom of your dreams?

Installation of Shower Linear System

Our philosophy as a company leads us to provide and train installers with all the necessary material so that they can obtain 100% all the benefits that our linear shower systems provide. Below you can watch a video about the installation of our linear shower systems.

Evolux linear Shower System Measures

Among our portfolio of linear shower drains we have different designs and sizes to achieve a perfect adaptation to each type of shower, bathtub or bathroom.

  • Linear drains.

16” / 24″ / 28” / 36” / 48” / 60”   

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