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Find the complete shower kit for the waterproofing, drainage and design of your bathroom. Our shower kits have all the necessary accessories for the complete waterproofing of your shower and bathroom together with an exclusive design that our shower grates will provide.

Guru USA shower kits are a must have for preparing your shower for tile, specifically if you plan on customizing it. Our shower system kits include all the necessary items to create a shower with joints, ramps, different building materials, customizable and waterproof.


Tile Shower Kits

Tiled showers kits are becoming more and more common in all bathrooms as they combine design with the practicality that our tile shower kits offer.

Ceramic tile showers are gaining popularity with homeowners and specialists alike due to the way they typically blend utility and design. However, a floor tile installation is only as good as the shower waterproofing kit it is assembled with. An excellent shower waterproofing system ensures that shower walls, backing boards, and also subfloors are protected from water damage, while also providing ancillary benefits like eliminating the requirement for a bed. of conventional mud by integrating a shower tray with a previous slope to guide the water in the direction of drainage.

The water stop sheet used in the waterproofing tile shower kits completely pushes the water back while redirecting it to the drain pipe at the base of the shower, which means that the floor tiles and also the cement dry much faster. , essentially eliminating any kind of mold or mildew concerns.

Because you don’t need to build the mortar bed and then wait for it to dry, using our shower systems can significantly reduce the amount of time and material needed to install a ceramic tile shower. In addition, these packages can be assembled conveniently since they do not require the use of boards, bolts or proprietary specialized tools.

In the image on the left we have our EVOLUX WITHOUT DRAIN, perfect for creating bathrooms with only two slopes and with a modern and innovative visual appearance.

Shower System Kits (Super Kit)

Our complete shower kits are one of the best solutions to achieve a complete waterproofing of your bathroom together with a drainage system with incredible designs. Choose from Shower Systems kits with linear or square strainers to turn your bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams.

In the image on the right you can see our new SUPER KIT with the heavy Duty Shower Tray specially designed for waterproofing and total drainage.

Waterproofing Kit

The water-stop waterproofing kits are one of the best waterproof solutions for your bathroom due to the safety and easy installation they offer. Thanks to the flexibility of the waterproof sheet, we achieve a great competitive advantage that translates into time and cost savings when installing.

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