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At guru usa we are specialists and manufacturers of shower waterproofing products. Among our wide range of waterproofing products you can find: Waterproofing membranes, uncoupling membranes, drains & strainers, complete waterproofing shower kits…

Mudbed & Presloped Shower Kits

W-S Wall Boards

shower long drain integrated

Shower waterproofing products

At Guru USA we are producers of shower waterproofing products to solve all waterproofing and drainage problems in your bathroom that are exhaustively designed and tested to guarantee perfect results.

It is this attitude that has allowed us to develop a full range of products backed by our years of experience in the industry and designed to meet the needs of our customers. We constantly strive for innovative product development based on new solutions (Shower Waterproofing Products) for the construction industry.

All our shower waterproofing products have as their main characteristic their easy installation, providing a very significant saving in time and costs compared to traditional systems. We are committed to education and training in industry- for architects, surveyors, builders and installers so that you understand all the benefits of our waterproofing shower products and can fully benefit from them with a correct installation for each case.


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All our shower waterproofing products have the authorized Lifetime Warranty Seal.

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