Open Set


Open Set

Ref: IAU1113 (4' x 6'7")

Ref: IAU1114 (6'7" x 6'7")

The GURU shower waterproofing OPEN SET comprises a sized section of WATER-STOP sheet membrane and the required accesories to properly install waterproofing and connect it to shower drain getting a completely waterproofed shower pan ready to tile installation.

The shower waterproofing membrane can be connected to any standard clamping ring drain thanks to W-S DRAINFLASH, a collapsible preformed drain flashing and height adapter. Waterproofing can also be installed with drains with an integrated bonding flange.

Guru OPEN SET is suitable for new construction and renovation taking full advantage of bonded membrane waterproofing system: better moisture control, thin bed tile installation, less installation height and weight.

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