Open Set

The GURU shower waterproofing OPEN SET comprises a sized section of WATER-STOP sheet membrane and the required accesories to properly install waterproofing and connect it to shower drain getting a completely waterproofed shower pan ready to tile installation…



IAU1113   OPEN SET 4’ X 6’ 7” 
IAU1114   OPEN SET 6’ 7” X 6’ 7”

The GURU shower waterproofing OPEN SET it’s a solution to waterproof any shower drain in the market. Its patented Drainflash system allows to safely connect the waterproofing at any height. The kit includes a WATER-STOP sheet membrane (size depending on the model), 2 interior corners, 2 exterior corners, a wheep hole protector a template and a WS Drainflash.

It is a perfect solution for renovations where a drain is not working properly or a waterproofing is leaking. It´s height adjustability from ½ ” up to 1 ½”  inches makes no need to tear out all the subfloor, allowing the installer to redo a shower from the existing slopes but increasing less than 1” the total height.

W-S DRAINFLASH allows the membrane to drain connection to any clamping ring type shower drain regardless of the sloped base height. The dimpled base of the template is a detachable part. Before installing the strainer assembly, cut out and place it over the clamping ring with blisters facing down as weep-holes preotector.

WATER-STOP is a sheet-applied bonded waterproofing membrane that should be installed over the sloped mortar bed and tile is bonded to it. Install tile using the thin-bed method directly on WATER-STOP membrane using modified thin-set mortar.

The bonded waterproof membrane gives better moisture control than traditional loose laid liners by protecting all substrate below tiles from water getting under the surface and stagnating so that the shower floor is free of saturated material, mold grow, bad smell and moisture deterioration.

We strongly recommend waterproofing shower walls with WATER-STOP membrane for GURU®.



IAU1113   OPEN SET 4’ X 6’ 7” 
IAU1114   OPEN SET 6’ 7” X 6’ 7”



1. Remove the existing clamping ring and cut the liner
2. Install W-S DRAINFLASH sealed and clamped to drain
3. Install WATER-STOP over the existing shower floor
4. Water test(recommended)
5. Assemble the drain strainer
6. Install floor tile

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